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Forbes   » Member Profile » Jean Claude Chalhoub

jean claude Chalhoub (ici) after joining his father's business and learning each and every aspect of the organisation as a member of staff, was picked by his father to help him in running the company.

Interaction with holidaymakers has been a crucial role in gaining awareness of different cultures for Jean Claude Chalhoub. Whilst evolving into a leader and business entrepreneur, his schooling helped him to adapt and learn. His education and expertise with a comprehensive variety of languages enables him to understand and establish intimate client relationships. His mother and father being from not one but two unique backgrounds assisted Jean Claude Chalhoub in embracing their different languages and cultures, learning from their separate areas of understanding.

The Background of Jean Claude Chalhoub's Family

Without a trace of naivety, by capitalising upon the experience of previous generations he was able to achieve great results from the beginning. Because of his sound foundational awareness of business, he is able to cater to worldwide markets masterfully and efficiently. At present, Jean Claude Chalhoub directs and runs the business of insurance and reinsurance which was designed and launched by his father during the 1940's.

Joining the Family Business

Jean Claude Chalhoub entered the family business at a low level after finishing his studies in France. Starting out as a member of staff, Jean Claude Chalhoub was given the benefit of gaining knowledge from his father’s everyday activities. By making use of this opportunity, he learnt the ins and outs of company management. Starting as a normal member of staff has uniquely set him up to lead the business to huge success.

Jean Claude Chalhoub and his Hobbies

The earth is full of extraordinary locations and sights that amaze him, due to this he travels often. Jean Claude Chalhoub is a bit of a wine lover who additionally has a passion for antiques; he enjoys collecting both. Horse racing is another of Jean Claude Chalhoub's interests. So much in fact that, in order to better indulge his passion, he purchased a horse, which takes part in races worldwide.