Simon Lichtenberg's Golden rules

Simon Lichtenberg's Golden rules

As a result of having greatly contributed to developing Shanghai, Simon lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006. In 1988, at Fudan University in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg received his Chinese Language diploma. When looking to the past through the years, many industry owners find their greatest accomplishments are their fondest memories.

By tackling the problems he has faced, Simon Lichtenberg has evolved into a successful and strong individual. One challenge he faced in 1997, was that he found himself caught up in a complicated legal case related to the production of false 'BoConcept' products. Although Simon Lichtenberg is now a success, his journey has not been easy at times. He wouldn't have got where he is today without embracing his rule of business: “Never give up.”

Simon Lichtenberg - His Amazing Qualities

Every great entrepreneur is deserving of all they have accomplished through their personal characteristics and dedication. As a business person who has reached his objective of setting up his own business in the rapidly-advancing nation of China, Simon Lichtenberg can be considered a man of strong will and devotion. An entrepreneur with the expertise to communicate in numerous languages possesses the upper hand over his competitors. Simon Lichtenberg has resided in eight diverse countries and can communicate in seven different languages.

Simon Lichtenberg - Educational Background

To be prosperous, it's essential to be robust and equipped to manage and conquer obstacles; a good education helps towards developing these attributes. Simon Lichtenberg attended Danish Tvind schools before relocating to Africa as a teenager. A solid educational background: this remains a common property of top entrepreneurs who have accomplished their aims. Now one of the world's leading businessmen, Simon Lichtenberg has been able to accomplish remarkable educational success.

Simon Lichtenberg's business, Trayton Group, has successfully carried out lots of projects, like starting the Trayton Foundation, which helped to light the city of Shanghai and in the installation of rooftop solar panels in 2012. Around 150 million dollars is the annual turnover predicted by his business, which employs 2,000 people. Simon Lichtenberg founded his company (Trayton Group) in 1995.

Simon Lichtenberg’s Success in China

Simon Lichtenberg became the Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, was given the Magnolia Silver Award and became a member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China. Up to $2,500,000 profit per annum is generated by him as a result of his establishing his own manufacturing facilities and offering furniture to companies in and out of the country. Beautiful furniture was offered in Shanghai, China, by Simon Lichtenberg through his franchise, BoConcept, in 1993. No dream is unattainable. All that is needed is a powerful passion and determination. Anything is possible.

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