10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg 2

10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg 2

simon lichtenberg (Découvrez le site Over-blog.com sur simon lichtenberg) became engaged in the furniture market after being in the timber business for some time. The knowledge he has learned from making mistakes in his business operations paved the way for Simon Lichtenberg to become one of the best businessmen today. To become successful a business needs to conquer all challenges that are encountered.

The Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg attended Danish Tvind (private) educational institutions before moving to Africa as a teenager. Now one of the world's top rated entrepreneurs, he has managed to obtain remarkable educational success. Virtually all efficient entrepreneurs are high achievers educationally; this indicates that a solid education, alongside perseverance, is required for achieving one's objectives. In '88 at Fudan University in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg acquired his Chinese Language diploma.

Amazing Qualities of Simon Lichtenberg

A multilingual businessman has a massive advantage over his competitors. Simon Lichtenberg has lived in eight diverse countries and can converse in seven languages. He received the Magnolia Silver Award in Shanghai because of the role that his organisation played in improving the city's standard of living. It is evident that Simon Lichtenberg possesses phenomenal will-power and determination as an entrepreneur because he has succeeded in his mission to start his own company in the modern country of China.

Simon Lichtenberg - Success in China

Elegant furniture was offered in Shanghai by BoConcept, which was franchised by Simon Lichtenberg in the year 1993. Being incredibly keen to develop his own business in China, he finally did exactly that. As much as $2,500,000 profit per annum is generated by Simon Lichtenberg as a result of his launching his own production factories and providing furniture to companies within and outside of the country. All things are attainable, and no dream is outside of our reach. All that's demanded is a powerful will and drive.

Organisations should obviously try to earn profits, but it's also vital that they possess a much deeper purpose for being. The year 1995 was the period that Simon Lichtenberg set up his company: Trayton Group. With a total staff count of 2,000 professionals, Simon Lichtenberg's organisation expects a revenue of 150m dollars a year.


10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

An entrepreneur with multilingual talents possesses the edge over his competitors. The Magnolia Silver Award is one of the distinctions simon lichtenberg (http://simonlichtenberg.over-blog.com/2015/04/10-things-to-do-in-shanghai-by-simon-lichtenberg.html)......